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Home of the US Open Pickleball Championships
Minto US Open of Pickleball
2023 Ballpark Series

Elevating pickleball through unrivaled innovation and experiences.

Pickle4 is empowering players with a seamless digital platform that will transform the way you connect with players, book courts, shop for gear and improve your game. But that's just the start. Brace yourself for real-life experiences so unique, they defy the traditional bounds of the game.

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Crafting the Future of Amateur Pickleball Experiences

Ballpark Series

Experience pickleball on the field in some of America’s most iconic ballparks

Get ready for a summer of Pickleball like you've never imagined. We're bringing the game you love to the hallowed grounds of America's most iconic ballparks.

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US Open of Pickleball

A record-breaking event! Pickleball connected the world in Naples, FL.

The US Open of Pickleball 2023 was a groundbreaking event that took the event and Pickle4 to new heights. With over 3,000 players from across the globe and a turnout of 41,000 spectators, we celebrated the universal love for pickleball like never before.

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Advancing the Sport with Pioneering Technology and Content

Pickleball Den

The tech that powers Pickleball: Powering play with precision

Revolutionize your game with Pickleball Den, the go-to platform for clubs and athletes. Experience smooth, timely events with our robust technology that's trusted to organize hundreds of tournaments and thousands of events monthly.

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