Inaugural Ballpark Series 2023

A Record Breaking Year

Making history on hallowed grounds:
Pickleball in America’s ballparks

The inaugural Pickle4 Ballpark Series was a noteworthy venture, taking the pickleball game to iconic outfields of Fenway and Oracle Park. We witnessed over 1,000 hours of gameplay, trained over 300 eager youngsters in our Kids' Clinics, saw more than 936 competitive amateur matches, and awarded 336 medals to our winners. These events were more than just matches; they were about bringing together a community, creating shared experiences, and making unforgettable memories. For a detailed look at each venue's contribution to this series, explore below.

Kids' Clinic

Watch the Pros Compete

Pickleball titans take the field: Watch them compete at our Ballpark Series

Join us for an exceptional series showcasing pickleball's elite. Witness their dazzling skills in this invitational format, aired on CBS Sports Network, featuring eight top players competing in singles and doubles. With two professional sessions open for fan attendance and a robust $500,000 prize pool, these remarkable moments will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Anna Leigh Waters
Anna Leigh Waters
JW Johnson
JW Johnson
Leigh Waters
Leigh Waters
2023 Ballparks
2023 Ballpark Series Boston

July 12 – July 16 2023

Boston, MA | Fenway Park

Fenway Park, the storied baseball cathedral, welcomed a novel spectacle as it played host to the Pickle4 Ballpark Series. The iconic outfield buzzed with activity as amateur players competed for Ballpark Series medals, and the world's top professionals dazzled the crowd with a riveting showcase. Click below to see the amateur competition results and view and download photos from this memorable event.

2023 Ballpark Series San Fransisco

July 20 – July 23 2023

San Francisco, CA | Oracle Park

Oracle Park, a jewel on San Francisco's waterfront, saw its expansive outfield reimagined for the Pickle4 Ballpark Series. Pickleball courts sprang to life amidst the greens as amateur players showcased their talents, while top professionals delivered a display to remember. Click below to check out the amateur competition results, and to view and download photos from this unparalleled event.

2023 Ballpark Series Target Field

July 27 – July 30 2023

Minneapolis, MN | Target Field

Bring your pickleball passion to Target Field, immersed in the vibrancy of the Minneapolis skyline and the Midwest spirit. Whether you're reserving an 80-minute court session with your crew or battling for a Ballpark Series medal in the amateur doubles championships, this modernly designed ballpark offers an invigorating stage for your game.

Coming Soon

2023 Ballpark Series Denver

Denver, CO | Coors Field


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me which days the events will be held?

Yes! Please see the schedule above for the most up to date details.

Do I get assigned a random partner or can I choose my own partner?

Once you register, there will be a link provided to invite your partner. They will receive an email and also need to complete registration. You must invite your partner through Pickleball Den once you complete your registration, and they will then register. You are automatically paired.

Here is a how-to video on inviting your partner: Register and Invite Partner - YouTube

Did my partner also receive an invite?

In most cases, only one partner received the initial invite. You are both invited, though! Whomever received the initial invite may invite the other partner once you complete your registration. The other partner will then receive an email and will need to complete their registration in order for you to play together.

Here is a how-to video on inviting your partner: Register and Invite Partner - YouTube

Will I receive a t-shirt as part of my entry?

Of course! What tournament would be complete without a t-shirt? You will be asked for your size during your registration, and your partner will also then be asked for their size.

How do I or friends and family attend the events as a spectator?

Details on how to register as a spectator will be available on this page.

I'm getting an error that says the waitlist does not match my account. What does that mean?

In order to avoid duplicate invites and making sure there is a spot for everyone invited, your link is specific to you and the email you used during the registration for the random drawing. Please make sure to register using the same email address.

What age group should I register if my partner and I are in two different age groups?

Generally, people register in the age group of the lower aged person in your doubles pair. Once one of you registers, you will be presented with the option to invite a partner. They will then receive an email and will need to complete their registration in order for you to play together.

The email I received says something about a waitlist. What does that mean?

You're in! :) The waitlist is what everyone was on while we figured out how to accommodate the most amount of folks. You were randomly selected in our drawing, and we can't wait to see you at the ballpark!

Do you need volunteers?

We're always looking for good people! Feel free to contact us at ballparkseries@pickle4.com