2023 Ballpark Series Boston

Wednesday, July 12 – Sunday, July 16

Ballpark Series at Fenway Park

Reflecting on the unprecedented Pickle4 Ballpark Series at Fenway Park, we are filled with gratitude and awe. You turned out in droves, graced the iconic outfield with your talent, and even though we had to battle the weather, together we wrote a new chapter in Fenway's illustrious history. From the Women's, Men's, and Mixed Doubles events to the pulse-pounding Pro Showcase, we saw spectacular rallies and shared unforgettable moments. Relive the magic and camaraderie by browsing our gallery of photos below, and check out the final standings from our fiercely competitive amateur events.

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Men’s Doubles

3.5 Double elimination
18-24 Age
Travis Jones / Mason Jones
Samuel Blaisdell / Thomas Arps
Chris Corbett / Andrew Corbett
25-32 Age
William Brodeur / Jeremy Brodeur
Nicholas Lanham / Jason Yeh
Joe Knowles / Timothy Knowles
33-39 Age
Alex Bram / Paul Rosen
Jesse Farquhar / Christopher Ottomaniello
Cedric Chun / Jared Franklin
40-49 Age
Stuart Snyder / Yev Galper
Jeremy Sandler / Ira Rapaport
Andy Bow / Mark Spitzer
50-59 Age
Robert Fratus / Bennett Alpert
Dave Page Page / Mike Foster
David Murphy / Eric LaChapelle
60+ Age
Bruce Ouellette / Marcel Morin
Henry Risman / Ron Risman
Bill Poehler / Louis Rubino
4.0 Double Elimination
18-31 Age
Chris Crucetti / John Richburg
Cameron Spofford / Travis Robinson
Jeremie Perry / Christopher Howard
31-39 Age
Justin Entrup / Jared Pinsky
Matthew Hill / Tim Figueredo
Vijayendra Bhargava / Karna Desai
4.0 Round Robin
40-49 Age
Matt Pulsifer / Vince Dostilio
Jeremy Lasich / Shawn Gundrum
Todd Etna / Joey Maher
50-59 Age
Patrick Striebel / Kris Puskar
Dale Broach / Robert Barrows
Patrick Kenny / Philip Bullen
60+ Age
Bill Omara / Michael Wilkins
James Wheatley / David Pinsky
Tom Reynolds / Christopher Bushing
4.5-5.0 Round Robin
18-39 Age
Ryan Bernstein / Michael Tow
Timothy Wing / Ryan Puntiri
Noah Lerner / Matthew Krivitsky
4.5-5.0 Double Elimination
40+ Age
Stephen Czick / Arick Lane
Chris Taormina / Guy Malaby
Karl Vinson / Robert Vinson

Mixed Doubles

3.5 Double elimination
18-29 Age
Jessica Urkov / Ryan Fitzgerald
Robert Jessell / Sheri Jessell
Taryn Corey / Tom Bryan
30-39 Age
Kiki McAnneny / Jordan Woodhouse
David m Fiorello / Cathy Su
Amanda North / Larry Bray
40-44 Age
Kyle Ciano / Katie Cabrera
Robert Businelle / Leng Businelle
Andy Rogers / Heather Lavigne
45-49 Age
Shannon McNabb / Joseph Cerullo
Kelly McCarthy / Matthew Perpetua
Jennifer Deschenes / Marc Deschenes
50-54 Age
Karen Povall / Mike Foster
Marianne Christensen / Chris Corbett
Meg Colenback / Jared Colenback
55-59 Age
Laurie Thornell / Steven Merrill
Jennifer Perkins / John Sheehan
Geetanjali Advani / Douglas Leu
60+ Age
Jodi Callahan / Scott Wade
Jeanne Lucciarini / Mario Lucciarini
Robert Ignarri / Robin Krawczyk
4.0 Double Elimination
18-39 Age
Megan Besse / Tyler Besse
Matt Pulsifer / Katie Nussdorfer
Sergii Pogoretskyi / Csilla Korom
40-59 Age
Robert Quicksilver / Anne Arnold
Chris Gouette / Stacey Mulinio
Brett Albren / Beth Rowlands
4.0 Round Robin
60+ Age
Mark Reilly / Cindy Reilly
Clint Berge / Janice Aucoin
George McGoldrick / Maryann Vierra
4.5-5.0 Round Robin
18-39 Age
Brandon Hubschman / Taylor Niss
Beth Atkinson / Christopher Coroniti
Lora Charles / Dawson Stento
4.5-5.0 Double Elimination
40+ Age
Stephen Czick / Katie Newland
Robert Vinson / Karen Anderson
Tori Manteo / Paul Pruett

Women’s Doubles

3.5 Double elimination
18-39 Age
Breezy Mousley / Sharon Woo
Kerry Krause / Caitlin Krause
Melissa Palardy / Courtney Lambrese
40-49 Age
Jeanne Vinson / Stacey Mulinio
Janice Cutler / Kimberley Garton
Lisa Boghosian / Kym Sterner
50-55 Age
Denise Nash / Wendy Fermon
Allison Murphy / Shannon Hedstrom
Lynn LeBlanc / Danielle Fians
56-59 Age
Christine McNamara / Lynn Kerr
Andree Lebel / Katherine Wells
Pamela Bellino / Sara Muckstadt
60+ Age
Nilda Rodriguez / Denise Ness
Robin Krawczyk / Colette Irvin
Jeanne Lucciarini / Lisa Spinale
4.0 Round Robin
18-39 Age
Tracy Burke / Julie Brooke
Elizabeth Egan / Amanda Stanley
Katie Aney / Lilly Hartman
40-49 Age
Jodi Callahan / Katie Cabrera
Melissa Robin / Mary Kenyon
Wendi Myers / Leng Businelle
4.0 Double Elimination
50+ Age
Lisa Scotti / Maria Lobben
Becky Kern / Debra Murray
Donna Oliver / Karen Anderson
4.5-5.0 Double Elimination
30+ Age
Brittany Hubschman / Stacie Townsend
Nikki Smith / Donna Hedgepath
Neely Sullivan / Natasha Linton
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Fenway  Park in Boston

The Ballpark Series
Pro Showcase:
Pickleball at its Finest

We're still catching our breath from the high-octane Pro Showcase, where some of the best pickleball players in the world came to perform. Enjoy these highlight photos as we gear up to share more insights. Stay tuned!

Simone Jardim
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Jorja Johnson
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Milan Rane
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Parris Todd
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Andrei Daescu
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Hunter Johnson
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JW Johnson
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Rob Nunnery
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