2023 Ballpark Series San Fransisco

Thursday, July 20 – Sunday, July 23

Ballpark Series at Oracle Park

Reflecting on the extraordinary Pickle4 Ballpark Series at Oracle Park, our hearts are filled with gratitude and exhilaration. Players took over the legendary outfield, showcasing their skills and camaraderie under the California sun, etching a new chapter in Oracle Park's history. The Women's, Men's, and Mixed Doubles events, alongside the electrifying Pro Showcase, treated us to thrilling rallies and unforgettable moments.


Men’s Doubles

3.5 Double elimination
18-25 Age
Cooper Harris / Jonathan Kau
Taylor Barstow / Kurt Chapman
Josh Bringuel / Ryan Soles
26-29 Age
Nathan Rock / Brett Jones
Alexander Wilson / Evan Qi
Daniel Picetti / Julian Nguyen
30-39 Age
Cameron Shahrokhi / Robert Thistle
Abhishek Gupta / Siddharth Bidasaria
Keahn Malek-Madani / Mike Morales
40-49 Age
Jesse Essaff / William Sockolov
Jeremiah Kosten / Andy Bow
Jeff Freeman Freeman / Lex Alekna
50-59 Age
Peter Zepponi / Larry Rubin
Terrence Weng / Willie Weng
Mike Kennedy / Kent Schoen
60+ Age
Bill Lee / Thai Ly
Tom Green / Richard O'Malley
Robert Basso / Kenneth Grey
4.0 Round Robin
18-39 Age
Devin Scharff / Max Heller
Stefano Natalini / Bryant Kelley
Kevin Liou / Jerry Hsiung
50-59 Age
Will Tams / John Kirby
Arthur Johnson / Travis Daugherty
Jonathan Tang / Lester Tang
60+ Age
Dan Gould / Dave Beal
Craig Plante / Donald Mix
Bill Hicks / Eric Tate
4.5-5.0 Round Robin
18+ Age
Rahul Pandey / Arjun Thyagarajan
Chris Duarte / Anand Sarathi Vijayasarathi
Ryan Oswalt / Kyle White

Mixed Doubles

3.5 Double elimination
18-39 Age
Lilly Jue / Devin Scharff
Riley Officer / Jennifer Mount
Stephanie Tsai / Ken Tsai
40-49 Age
Richard O'Malley / Sojourner Howe
Matt Wills / Jamie Wills
Ben Visnyei / Janessa Visnyei
50-59 Age
Brian Simison / Michelle Wissig
Natalee Tappin / Tom Frisher
Ted Angelo / Triah ONeill
3.5 Round Robin
60-64 Age
Kerry Davidson / Dan Fitzgerald
Chris Sullivan / Linda Sullivan
Karen Means / Don Means
65+ Age
Willie Weng / Elizabeth Takeshita
Donna Medley / Gregory Menken
Evie Lahti / Andrew Carrell
4.0 Double Elimination
35+ Age
Megan Besse / Tyler Besse
Matt Pulsifer / Katie Nussdorfer
Sergii Pogoretskyi / Csilla Korom
4.5-5.0 Round Robin
18-39 Age
Samantha Martinez / Gino Valencia
Kayla Field / Braxton Greco
Chris Duarte / Marketa Novosadova Boller
40+ Age
Grace Xiao / Arjun Thyagarajan
Machu Latorre / John Kirby
Doug Koch / Barbara Wise

Women’s Doubles

3.5 Double elimination
40-54 Age
Katy Orr / Tracy Roeder
Caitlin Finnell / Magda Morton
Dana Hampson / Natalee Tappin
3.5 Round Robin
55-59 Age
Maya Bartolf / Kelly Calabrese
Mara Krasts / Lillian Murphy
Lauren Schwartz / Anne Stuhldreher
3.5 Double elimination
60+ Age
Karen Weber / Carolyn Dilena
Kimberlee Sorem / Suzy Safdie
Natalie Vasiliev / Linda Benvenuto
4.0-5.0 Double Round Robin
35+ Age
Marketa Novosadova Boller / Machu Latorre
Deirdre Morris / Deborah Yee
Jessica Chlebowski / Mary Jue
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Oracle  Park in San Francisco
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Oracle  Park in San Francisco
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Oracle  Park in San Francisco
Pickleball Ballpark Series at Oracle  Park in San Francisco

The Ballpark Series
Pro Showcase:
Pickleball at its Finest

We're still catching our breath from the high-octane Pro Showcase, where some of the best pickleball players in the world came to perform. Enjoy these highlight photos as we gear up to share more insights. Stay tuned!

Anna Leigh Waters
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Anna Bright
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Meghan Dizon
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Lea Jansen
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Simone Jardim
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Catherine Parenteau
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Parris Todd
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Etta Wright
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