Professional pickleball player and coach, Leigh Waters, Joins Pickle4 as strategic advisor and investor

August 7, 2023

Professional pickleball player and coach, Leigh Waters, Joins Pickle4 as strategic advisor and investor

Leigh Waters joins the Pickle4 team to advise on delivering high-quality experiences to the amateur pickleball ecosystem

Pickle4America™ (Pickle4™), a rapidly emerging organization dedicated to building the best ecosystem in the sport of pickleball through iconic events and a robust digital community, today announced that professional pickleball player and coach Leigh Waters will join the Pickle4 team as strategic advisor and investor.

In addition to being ranked as the #1 women’s doubles team in the world in 2022 alongside her daughter, Anna Leigh Waters, Leigh Waters is also an advocate for amateur players nationwide. Waters has been involved in pickleball for over six years and experienced its exponential growth as it became the fastest-growing sport in the nation. Having come from a collegiate tennis background at University of South Carolina, Waters turned pro in 2018 and medaled in several U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, USA Pickleball National Championships and won seven Professional Pickleball Association titles.

Earlier this year, Pickle4 announced its merger with the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships based in Naples, FL which draws the largest number of amateurs and spectators in the sport. This past April, the U.S. Open attracted over 3,000 players and 41,000 spectators across 50 states and 29 countries. 

”It’s been an amazing experience to be part of pickleball’s rapid growth over the last several years, and even as the sport continues to gain popularity at the professional level, it remains very clear that this sport is deeply rooted in amateur participation and recreational play,” said Leigh Waters. “After my recent experience at the Ballpark Series on the field of Oracle Park in San Francisco, it’s clear Pickle4 recognizes the potential for pickleball amateurs, and I am excited to be part of its mission to create a platform that connects the millions of people across the country who have chosen to make this great game a part of their life.” 

“Not only is Leigh Waters part of the most formidable doubles team ever, alongside her number one ranked daughter, she is a champion of the sport, and an ambassador to the game for amateurs and pros alike,” said Mike Dee, CEO of Pickle4. “We are grateful for her support and confidence in Pickle4.”

In addition to her role as strategic advisor, Pickle4 also announced Leigh Waters as the organization's latest investor.

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