US Open of Pickleball

Zing Zang Championship Court
2024 Ticket Lottery - CLOSED

US Open Pickleball Championship Court

All tickets for Championship Court will be sold via lottery. Tickets are for general admission, bleacher seating.

The lottery is closed. Please see below and watch your email.

  • Lottery winners will be notified via email with a link to your PayPal invoice. We will also send a text message alerting you of the email.
  • Invoice must be paid by the date and time printed on the invoice (72 hours after invoice sent) or the invoice will automatically cancel, and the tickets will be released.
  • Any lottery winner failing to pay for their tickets prior to the time on the invoice will forfeit their tickets. There will be no exceptions for late payment.
  • Invoice cannot be partially paid, it must be paid in full for ALL tickets listed on the invoice. Please refer to the FAQ document for details on transferring purchased tickets that you choose not to use.
  • If you decide you don't want any of the tickets, go to the PayPal invoice, and click cancel. We will then release your tickets.
  • Once invoice is paid, your E Ticket will be sent via email. We will also send a text message advising you the tickets have been sent to your inbox.
  • Redeem your E Ticket for a wristband at the US Open Pickleball Championship's Ticket Center inside Vendor Village starting Saturday morning April 13th.
  • All ticket sales are final. However, we will refund the cost of your ticket (less handling fees) if we are unable to play all scheduled matches on the Zing Zang Championship Court for a given day. See the refund details on the FAQ document below.
  • Tickets are transferable until the wristband has been placed. Once the wristband is placed, they are no longer transferable. This will apply to all days.

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Funded in Part by the Collier County Tourist Tax

Watch the Pros Compete

Pickleball titans take the field: Watch them compete at our Ballpark Series

Join us for an exceptional series showcasing pickleball's elite. Witness their dazzling skills in this invitational format, aired on CBS Sports Network, featuring eight top players competing in singles and doubles. With two professional sessions open for fan attendance and a robust $500,000 prize pool, these remarkable moments will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Anna Leigh Waters
Anna Leigh Waters
JW Johnson
JW Johnson
Leigh Waters
Leigh Waters